About Us

Started in 1962 by Edward Markiewicz and John Vassiliades, Ancon Gear was created to fill a need for high quality manufacturing on Long Island. Having worked for numerous companies who were becoming more concerned with quantity rather than quality, Edward and John decided to open a plant that would be concerned with quality products they could be proud to put their name on.

Through the years, this lead to contracts for parts that needed to be manufactured to the highest standards available. Ancon Gear products can be found on such projects as The Lunar Module in the 1960's, toll machines in the 70's, manual guidance systems in jets in the 80's, to modern robotics plants today.

When Edward passed away in 1982, John felt he could not run the business alone, so Edward's wife Anne bought him out, and left the daily operation of the plant to two of her children Joe and Ed. Joe and Ed have since taken complete control of the corporation, keeping their father's vision alive by utilizing some of the most modern manufacturing processes available today. They are frequently called on to give presentations to business groups, as well as other manufacturers to show how some of these systems work in their facility.

Our main manufacturing facility in Amityville, New York. Our full time inspection staff constantly monitors our work in progress to catch any potential problems that may be occurring. We strive for ZERO defects in our daily operations.

Any questions regarding our manufacturing techniques should be directed to Joe and he will contact you personally.

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